Colloquiums and Conferences

New Advances on Fuzzy Mathematical Modeling

Time: 2018-01-09 14:53:00

Topic:New Advances on Fuzzy Mathematical Modeling

Speaker:Prof. Hadi Nasseri  University of Mazandaran in Iran

Time:2018-01-09 10:30--11:30

Location:Room 306 in School of Mathematical Sciences


      Fuzzy mathematical programming as one of the main branches of operations research is concerned with the optimal allocation of limited resources to several competing activities on the basis of given criteria of optimality in fuzzy environment. Numerous researchers have studied various properties of fuzzy mathematical programming problems and proposed different approaches for solving them. In this research is concentrated on solving Fuzzy Linear Programming (FLP) problems. However, these models are essentially practical and will be useful for many models in the real world, with this regard there are a few methods to solve these models. In the most of the suggested approaches which are appeared in the literature the solving processes need at least two phases where each phase needs to solve a linear programming problem, while our method can solve the same given problem at just one phase and in particular by solving one problem.