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Inverse Problems: Frequently Asked Questions and Mathematical Approaches

Time: 2018-03-20 17:17:48

Title:Inverse Problems: Frequently asked questions and mathematical approaches

Reporter:Prof. Charles K. Chui   (Hong Kong Baptist University/ Stanford University)

Time:2018-03-19 10:30--11:30

Location:Room 306 in School of Mathematical Sciences


      With the lack of reasonable scientific models and insufficient relevant data, there are inverse problems that most probably never have any solutions. Among such inverse problems that give rise to the most frequently asked questions with no satisfying answers are: Who am I? Is there a “creator” of the universe? Where do we come from anyway? On the other hand, there are many related but much more specific inverse problems that should have reasonably satisfying solutions in the near future. Examples include: What

are the first elements of life? How and where they were first formed? In this lecture, we will discuss such and other more down-to-earth inverse problems with scientific and/or mathematical models. We will also introduce various mathematical approaches to solving these problems, hopefully with implications to the advancement of Big Data processing, visualization and understanding.