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Learning and Research

Time: 2019-08-31 15:08:06

       Topic:Learning and Research

       Speaker:ShiMing Chen        Guangzhou No.7 middle school

       Time:2019-05-09 16:00--17:00

       Location:Room 401 in School of Mathematical Sciences


       How to stand on the platform as soon as possible and how to stand out from many young teachers? It is the concern of the new teachers who are about to take part in the work. Learning and research is a shortcut to solve this problem. Learn from the same group of teachers - passing the first pass of teaching, learn from famous teachers - seizing the commanding point of teaching career, learn independently - forming their own teaching characteristics. Research is the booster to enhance teaching strength, research problem solving - to enhance the level of specialization, Research Teaching - to enhance teaching skills, research, college entrance examination - to enhance the ability to control teaching materials, preliminary research, proposition research - to enhance professional literacy.