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Secure multi - party computation and its application

Time: 2019-12-09 15:46:00

Topic:Secure multi - party computation and its application

Speaker:Zhili Chen      Anhui University

Time:2019-12-09 16:30--17:30

Location:Room 306 in School of Mathematical Sciences


     Security multi - party computing (SMC) has been a hot topic in cryptography since its birth in the 1980s. After nearly 40 years of research, secure multi-party computing has made great progress both in theory and protocol implementation. Recently, with the rise of technologies such as blockchain and federal learning, the landing application of secure multi-party computing is imminent. This report first introduces the basic concept of secure multi-party computing in a very general way, then briefly introduces various basic technologies of secure multi-party computing and our related achievements, then discusses the relationship between secure multi-party computing and block chain and differential privacy, and finally gives some practical examples of secure multi-party computing.